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The Social TV Lab
"Social TV" is a term that broadly describes the online social interactions that occur between viewers while watching television. Television shows are now instigating online social interactions between viewers by requesting viewers, as part of the first broadcasts, to participate in simultaneous discussions about the shows. Examples include asking users to follow and comment on topics on Twitter. A more passive approach is also used that displays messages from social media participants on the TV screen during broadcasts. As a result of this trend of encouraging people to participate during TV viewing, social TV applications have arisen to facilitate the discussions even further. In our lab, we study the link between what is said on television and what is shared simultaneously with the public on social media about shows and advertisements. We analyze consumer response to TV and the content they contribute on Social Media.

We study:
1) the social media response to TV advertisements during major national advertising events;
2) the link between displaying social media content during TV shows and the levels of online buzz, the content of that buzz, and its link to sales;
3) who is contributing different types of content and why; and
4) whether constructing aggregate level psychographic profiles, derived from social interaction texts about thousands of TV shows, are valuable in TV recommendation engines.